Optical Coherence Tomography

At Precious Eyes, we have the latest diagnostic equipment to perform the most efficient and accurate eye examination. Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro is a state-of-the-art diagnostic machine which allows us for early detection of ocular disease and structures of your retina and optic nerve in a cross-section like a MRI scan. It also allows us to take digital pictures of the back of your eyes which allows our Doctors of Optometry to see whether the eyes are healthy or there are any abnormalities that may threaten the vision or require attention and monitoring.

The OCT scans are quick, painless and non-invasive process. It allows us to analyze all ten layers of the retina which allows us to accurately locate the abnormalities in the retina. We can also measure the thickness of your retina and cornea as well with this highly innovative machine. If this test is recommended for you or you chose to have the testing done, the additional costs will be explained to you prior to any testing.


We recommend fundus photo for all our patients as a screening tool but must have for patients with a history or family history of macular degenerations, glaucoma, diabetes or Rheumatoid Arthritis patients taking high risk medications such as plaquenil and methotrexate. These photographs provide baseline for comparison for your future visits and will be stored in our system. These photographs will be viewed by our Doctors of Optometry and the patient at the office, allowing us for quick and accurate diagnosis. We advise fundus photos to all our patients to ensure best eye care for you and your family.