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Specializing in dry eye diagnosis and management providing solutions to Canadian optometrists, ophthalmologists and the global eye care community. I-MED Pharma offers a complete range of ocular surface disorder products, including, artificial tears, ocular hygiene cleansers, a dry eye ointment, nutritional supplements, therapeutic accessories.

Alcon Eye Care Products

Alcon offers a wide range of products catering to various eye care needs including over the counter eye care products, contact lenses and contact lens solutions. Their over the counter eye care products can be used for dry eyes, redness and allergies.

Labtician Ophthalmic

For over 60 years, Labtician Ophthalmic has been providing eye care products world wide. Their sole mission is to provide customers with great quality and solution oriented products. Their PRN ® Omega- 3 is the only formula clinically proven in Dry Eye patients that improves both signs and symptoms of Dry Eye.


Théa Pharma Inc. (Théa Pharma Canada) is an independent pharmaceutical company specializing in the commercialization of eye care products. Théa creates innovative solutions for better outcomes: developing new approaches to treat eye diseases.