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Dry eye therapy IN ABBOTSFORD

Feeling the dry eyes? Let's find your soothing solution!

What causes dry eyes?

Poor Tear Quality: If tears evaporate too quickly or not uniformly distributed, it can result in dry eyes.

Aging: As we grow old, our eyes are not able to produce as many tears as they used to as a result our eyes become more dry and irritated.

Contact Lens Use: Contact lens wear can contribute to dry eyes by reducing tear production, altering tear composition or causing irritation to the ocular surface.

Symptoms of dry eyes:


Blurry Vision

Tired Eyes

Burning or Stinging

Sensitivity to light

Excessive Tearing


Different treatment for dry eyes:

Artificial tears: There are some eye drops that mimic natural tears and help lubricate your eyes. You may need to use them several times a day, depending on your needs.

Prescription Eye Drops: These drops contain medication that can help reduce inflammation, increase tear production or prevent infection.

Warm Compresses and eyelid massage: You can apply a warm eyelid relief mask to your eyes for a few minutes and gently massage your eyelids with your fingers.

Dry eyes are a common and chronic condition that can affect your eye health and comfort. If you have signs and symptoms, it's essential to consult with an eye-care professional for proper diagnosis and management. Here at Precious Eyes, we offer comprehensive dry eye assessments to determine the best course of action. You will also benefit from regular comprehensive eye exams to monitor your condition and adjust the treatment as needed.

Dry eye therapy IN ABBOTSFORD

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