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Safety eye wear is a essential piece of personal protective equipment. Everyone needs to be safe at the work place including our front line workers and ordinary employees. Safety eye wear can be be prescription or safety glasses.When selecting eye protection it has to be CSA compliant, comfortable with proper fitting and should provide sufficient peripheral vision.

Properly fitted eye wear is only one pillar of proper eye health and care. Safety eye wear protects you from laser light, chemical splash and other harmful injuries that could result in irreversible vision loss. Using the approved eye wear which fits tightly around the eyes is important too keep out of the chemicals.

We provide occupation related vision assessments which include the following

  • Safety eye wear and prescription glasses
  • RCMP and police application
  • Driver's License
  • Railway vision assessment
  • Welder's vision assessment
  • Pilot vision assessment
  • Fire-fighter vision assessment
Comprehensive Eye Exams