Orthokeratology! Sleep to see well. Unlock clear vision overnight with RGP Lenses.

Orthokeratology retainers are specialized contact lenses that are designed to correct nearsightedness aka myopia while sleeping. 

Imagine a world, free of glasses or contacts throughout the day! 

How does Ortho K work?

This overnight, vision correction treatment is a non-surgical way of correcting nearsightedness. These overnight retainers gently reshape the cornea to provide clear and comfortable vision throughout the day. These lenses are designed to correct myopia and some amount of astigmatism as well. These lenses must be worn every night to maintain clear vision throughout the day. Orthokeratology is a very simple process and is safe for children and adults. Ortho means to correct and is the same analogy as orthodontics correcting or aligning teeth with braces. These retainer lenses, correct myopia ( nearsightedness) by flattening the corneal curvature of the eye which further decreases the power of the eye. 

Is my child a good candidate for Ortho K lenses?

These retainers have been very successful in controlling nearsightedness in children. Improvements in vision can just be seen the very next day with the procedure stabilizing after a week. Higher the myopia -6.00 D,  the longer it takes to reach full correction, such as up to a week. These changes are reversible and the shape of the cornea reverse back to its original state within one to four weeks Upon discontinuing of the wear of these lenses. 

My child’s eyesight is deteriorating day by day and the glasses are becoming thicker ever year? Is Ortho K still a good option?

Ortho K lenses is one of the main stays in controlling myopia in young children. Don’t wait to bring your child in for myopia consultation as the treatment parameters Decrease as a prescription increases. While these retainer lenses provide clear vision without glasses or contact lenses during the daytime but there are also other methods to control myopia that can be recommended by Dr. ghotra during the myopia consultation. Children often are restricted from swimming , sports, gymnastics due to glasses and these retainer lenses play a crucial role in your child overall development.

How does the fitting and the training process work?

Corneal scans are taken by Medmont topographer and a special software is used to design the lenses. Once these retainer lenses arrive and in-depth Training is done with both the child and parents. The training session includes insertion and removal techniques and care procedures. 

Are orthokeratology lenses good option for adults? 

Yes, absolutely ! Orthokeratology lenses are a great non surgical way to treat nearsightedness and astigmatism for adults as well. Adults who have an active lifestyle and like to do a lot of outdoor and indoor activities and find themselves to be restricted by glasses or contact lenses can benefit from these retainer lenses as well. 

How new is Ortho K? 

Corneal reshaping was first reported in 1962 at the international Society of contact lens specialist conference in Chicago by George Jensen who described his “orthofocus” procedure. This procedure took a very long time and the results were unpredictable. With technological advancements lens materials and manufacturing the modern reverse geometry ortho K lens was introduced in the late 1980s. In 1994, the United States FDA granted the first ever daily approval of Ortho K and in June 2002 the FDA granted the approval for overnight wear Ortho K. 

Why struggle with glasses and contact lenses throughout the day to provide clear and comfortable vision when you have specialized lenses like orthokeratology? Book an appointment with us here at Precious Eyes Optometry or call/email us to get more information about these retainer lenses at 604-746-3937 or info@preciouseyes2020.ca

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